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California Regional Assessments

The California Sub Hub has published a series of two-page fact sheets about the drought in California, intended for the public and our stakeholders. Please click on the below links to be directed to the fact sheet of your choosing.

  1. Causes and Consequences of the Drought
  2. Drought and Forests in California
  3. Drought Impacts on California Crops
  4. Drought and Water Policy
  5. Drought Impacts on Rangeland
  6. What to do when the Drought Ends

The Southwest and California Regional Climate Hub Vulnerability Assessment is out! You can read the full document or the abstract here. 

A great deal of work has been done on climate change trends, climate impacts, and climate adaptation in California. Below are some of the most comprehensive recent reports. 

Third California Climate Change Assessment (July 2012). This series of 29 separate reports covers topics ranging from forest ecosystems to sea level rise to rural communities. Includes both CA-wide and locally specific reports.

California Climate Adaptation Strategy (2009). A review of climate change impacts and adaptation strategies in seven sectors: public health, biodiversity, oceans and coasts, water, agriculture, forestry, and transportation and energy. See also the 2014 update, “Safeguarding California.”

Safeguarding California (July 2014). A comprehensive update to the 2009 California Climate Adaptation Strategy, created by the California Natural Resources Agency and other state agencies. PDF, 344 pages.

Assessment of Climate Change in the Southwest United States: A Report Prepared for the National Climate Assessment (2013). Covers the whole Southwest, including California. Includes chapters on current and expected future climate and impacts on sectors such as water, energy, and agriculture. PDF, 531 pages.