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About Us


The mission of the USDA Caribbean Climate Sub-Hub (CCSH) is to develop and deliver information related to climate change, agriculture and forestry for better decision-making, planning and management of tropical working lands and oceans in the Caribbean.


To ensure that food, water, and other vital resources continue to be available to the American public by sustaining and strengthening the services provided by Caribbean working lands and rural communities in the face of climate change. 

About the Caribbean Climate Sub Hub

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The Caribbean Climate Sub Hub, established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture is located in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico. This multi-agency effort is led by the U.S. Forest Service International Institute of Tropical Forestry and co-located with the Caribbean Landscape Conservation Cooperative.

The Caribbean Climate Sub Hub is one of seven Regional Hubs and three Subsidiary Hubs nationwide. This network of Climate Hubs will work with USDA to deliver science based knowledge and practical information to farmers, ranchers, and forest landowners that will help them to adapt to climate change and weather variability by coordinating with local and regional partners in federal and state agencies, universities, and the public.


The Sub Hub will provide:

  • Technical Support to respond to drought, heat stress, floods, pests, and changes in the growing season.
  • Assessments and regional forecasts for hazard and adaptation planning to provide more time to prepare.
  • Outreach and education farmers, ranchers, forest managers and advisors on ways to build resilience to extreme weather events and thrive despite change.


Leadership and Staff

Our Leadership and Staff represent the USDA as employees from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Agricultural Research Service, and the U.S. Forest Service.



The CCSH works with partners from government, research and land grant universities, and non-profits.


William Gould 
Caribbean Climate Sub Hub Leader
Phone: (787) 764-7790
CCSH email: Caribbean Climate Sub Hub