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Forest Service Funding Opportunity

Monday, March 13, 2017 to Monday, April 17, 2017

There is a new funding announcement from the Forest Service-Washington Office to support the USDA Climate Hubs. This funding supports syntheses, tools, or best management practices to forest and rangeland managers including the National Forest System. Please see the attached Request for Proposals for Climate Hub Projects. Projects must focus on decision support for forests and grasslands (rather than agriculture). Projects can request up to $50,000. There must be at least one Forest Service principal investigator on the proposal. Project funds will be sent to the Forest Service research stations. Submit proposals to Anne Marsh

Funding will support work fulfilling the needs of forest landowners, forest managers, ranchers, and farmers (agroforestry only) to adapt and/or mitigate for climate change within the United States. Consideration will be given to proposals that focus on information synthesis, tools development, and education, including:

  • Information, tools, training or outreach efforts that allow managers to identify vulnerability to climate change and explore adaption and/or mitigation options.
  • User-friendly information on best management practices that improve climate resilience in forests and rangelands, including but not limited to information on silvicultural treatments, green infrastructure, use of biochar, carbon storage, carbon markets, seed selection, and invasive species control.
  • User-friendly tools that allow managers to identify trade-offs and co-benefits of adaptation and/or mitigation approaches.
  • Outreach products (videos, flyers, interactive experiences) that provide real-world examples of adaptation and/or mitigation actions to sustain healthy, productive forests and rangelands.
  • Economic valuations of costs and benefits derived from forest management treatments that increase climate resilience.