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Integrated Pest Management Tools

AgroClimate is a web-resource of tools and data on climate and crops that can be used to assist with decisions about the management of agricultural systems in the Southeastern U.S. AgroClimate was developed by The Southeast Climate Consortium, or SECC, which is a coalition of six universities - Florida State University, University of Florida, University of Miami, University of Georgia, Auburn University, and University of Alabama-Huntsville.

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EPIC (The Environmental Policy Integrated Model)

EPIC predicts effects of management decisions on soil, water, nutrient and pesticide movements, and their combined impact on soil loss, water quality, and crop yields for areas with homogeneous soils and management.

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Forest Health Risk Maps and Models

The USDA Forest Service Forest Health Technology Enterprise Team has many products that can help one understand risks from forest pests. These include national pest risk maps and models.

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ipmPIPE (Pest Information Platform for Extension & Education)

The mission of IPM PIPE is to realize a dynamic, integrated national system facilitated by information technology that provides centralized, useful tools with reliable information for IPM practitioners. IPM PIPE's vision is to help maximize economic returns, and improve social welfare and environmental health by promotion of efficient and coordinated IPM decision support systems.

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Invasive Species Compendium (CABI)

The ISC is an encyclopaedic resource that draws together scientific information on all aspects of invasive species. It comprises detailed datasheets that have been sourced from experts, edited by CABI's scientific staff, peer-reviewed, enhanced with data from specialist organisations, and with images and maps, and linked to a bibliographic database. 

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Montana Pestweb 

Pestweb is designed to provide for a rapid response to developing and expanding pest problems. Its purpose is to serve as a “real time” monitoring system to help producers track the distribution of key crop pests throughout the state of Montana in order to help guide scouting efforts and aid in the implementation of integrated management practices.

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To increase adoption of IPM tools in the AWPM program, a readily accessible and easy to use website was developed (iWheat). This site is based on farm level processess, while allowing for field specific management of key insect pests, weeds, and pathogens. The iWheat decision support system will be unified by focusing on regional and local pest detection and evaluation, farm and field level pest management, and reduced risk pest management approaches.

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