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About Us

About the Midwest Climate Hub


The Midwest Climate Hub covers the states from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Minnesota. This area represents one of the most intensive agricultural areas in the United States with a diversity of crop and animal production systems. Our goal is to provide information to help producers cope with climate change through the innovative linkage of research to education and extension partnerships.


The Objectives of the Midwest Climate Hub are to:

  1. Assemble research information on crop and livestock production systems across the Midwest to determine their response to weather and climate variation
  2. Assemble research information on soil and water resources of the Midwest to determine the natural resource response to weather and climate variation
  3. Conduct stakeholder meetings with different commodity groups to gather information on their potential use of weather and climate information in agricultural decision making
  4. Partner with research, education and extension to develop strategies for the identification of adaptation tools and delivery of information to producers and agribusiness across the Midwest
  5. Provide information to producers which will increase climate resilience of agricultural systems across the Midwest.


Contact Us

Leadership for the Midwest Climate Hub is provided by the USDA-ARS  National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment. The leadership consists of individuals from different agencies within USDA.


Jerry Hatfield, Director National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment


1015 N University Blvd.

Ames, IA 5011-3611

(515) 294-5723


Dennis Todey, Director



Charlene Felkley, Coordinator



Erica Kistner, Postdoctoral Fellow




The Midwest and Northeast Climate Hubs geographically overlap the Northern Forests Climate Hub. For more information on the Northern Forests Climate Hub click here