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'As If You Were There' | 360° Demonstrations

Consider the experiences of others who are adapting to a changing climate. This new and growing network of climate-informed demonstration sites is designed to take you to the field and make you feel 'As If You Were There.'

Field tours are an ideal way to see how farm and forestry practices work in the real world. See how others are dealing with increasing rainfall intensity and other weather and climate risks in the Northeast. Meet the people who are addressing these issues in our region, and learn more about practical strategies to adapt to climate change.

The USDA Northeast Climate Hub partnered with University of Delaware, and other USDA and land grant collaborators in our region to showcase these existing farm and forest sites. The innovative 360° photography and videos offer an interactive experience. Visit from any device for virtual learning and discovery. Read our tour tips to customize your viewing experience.

Field visits are a powerful teacher. Leave your field boots behind and prepare to experience adaptation actions as if you were there.

Worcester's Urban Forest

Rebuilding Worcester's urban forest with the community after an Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) infestation. 

urban forestry, tree species diversity, invasive species, energy, heat island mitigation

High Tunnels at DSU

The DSU Outreach and Research Center provides small farmers a demonstration of high tunnel designs and best practices to protect and improve their operations in a changing climate. 

high tunnels, organic, cover crops, pollinators, biochar

Forest Management with Providence Water

Experimenting with climate adaptation strategies in response to forest health challenges at Providence's Scituate Reservoir.

forest management, tree species diversity, invasive species

Monongahela Forest Restoration

Previously mined, high elevation spruce ecosystem restoration with climate considerations in mind.

forest restoration, forest management, tree species diversity, soil erosion, wildlife habitat

Dickinson College Farm's Silvopasture

Demonstrating silvopasture management and adaptive management techniques.

silvopasture, agroforestry, grazing, cover crops, invasive plants, integrated pest management, heat stress, soil health

Building Resiliency at Rockaways

By using urban forestry principles, the Rockaway, Queens, New York City community is learning what it takes to adapt to the changing climate.

urban forestry, urban agriculture, flooding, storm surges

Agroforestry at Angus Glen

Using a silvopasture system to maintain sustainable production of livestock, forage, and trees on the same land.

silvopasture, agroforestry, grazing, pasture management, water management, heat stress

URI's Agronomy Farm

Research and outreach at URI looks at how high tunnels, cover crops, and risk management can help farmers adapt to a changing climate. 

high tunnels, season extension, cover crops, risk management

UNH's Woodman Farm [Coming soon] 

A university research farm examining season extension, crop varieties, pollinators, and integrated pest management techniques. 


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