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Image of farm field with woods in backgroundThe USDA Regional Climate Hubs deliver information to farmers, ranchers and forest landowners to help them adapt to climate change and weather variability. This is multi-agency effort among the USDA Agricultural Research Service, Forest Service, and Natural Resources Conservation Service. 

The Northern Forests Hub was designed to provide information specifically for landowners owners, natural resource professionals, and other stakeholders working in forest ecosystems across the region. The Northern Forests Hub spans the footprint of the Midwest and Northeast Climate Hubs, and serves both of the primary Hubs by providing forest sector-specific information, resources, and outreach to natural resource professionals and landowners. Forests are a defining landscape feature across much of this region, helping to sustain human communities across the region, ecologically, economically, and culturally. 

The Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS), a regional, multi-institutional entity, is leading and coordinating the activities of the Northern Forests Hub. NIACS provides necessary logistical capabilities, institutional experience with the subject area, and a well-established reputation and network. Through this role, NIACS facilitates connections between agencies, tribes, universities, various organizations, and individuals in order to advance the overall mission of the USDA Climate Hubs, as well as the goals and objectives of the Northern Forests Hub. NIACS also continues to directly participate in numerous climate-related activities.  For more than 7 years, NIACS has been building partnerships, facilitating research, and synthesizing information to bridge the gap between climate and carbon science research and the information and management needs of land owners and managers, policymakers, and members of the public.


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Chris Swanston
Director - Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science
Research Ecologist - Climate, Fire, and Carbon Cycle Science
Northern Research Station, USDA Forest Service