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Click here to access the climate change science education moduleThere are a variety of resources available to help provide a solid understanding of climate change science and the expected impacts on forests in the Midwest and Northeast. The following resources range from introductory to advanced, and were developed for forest landowners and forestry practitioners, as well as members of the general public.


Education resources

Climate Change Resource Center - Climate Basics

This website houses a variety of introductory material on climate change, ranging from a basic climate science primer to basic concepts on forest adaptation and mitigation, to frequently asked questions on forest adaptation and mitigation.


Climate Change Resource Center - Education

The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) has developed an interactive education interactive modules, Climate Change Science and Modeling: What You Need to Know, and Climate Change Effects on Forests and Grasslands. These two education modules are part of a series of three. This page also houses transcripts and documentation and other education resources for the classroom.


NRCS Online Air Quality, Energy, and Climate Change Courses

The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has begun developing online courses in three curriculum tracks: air quality, energy, and climate change. The courses are designed for all NRCS employees, but particularly for State Air Quality and Energy Contacts, conservation planners, partnership employees, and conservation technical assistance providers to assist them in integrating air quality, energy and climate change into conservation planning and programs.


Cooperative Extension

USDA Cooperative Extension programs are meant to bring expertise from land-grant Universities to practitioners at a local level. The programs are largely administered through thousands of county and regional extension offices, accessible from this website. Climate change considerations are being integrated into many extension programs.


Forest and Grassland Carbon in North America: a short course for land managers

This online course is intended to provide public and private land managers with information on the science, management and policy of forest and grassland carbon.


Adapting to Climate Change : a short course for land managers

Information in this short course summarizes science for natural resource managers and decision-makers regarding climate variability, change, climate projections, and ecological and management responses to climate variability, primarily in the western United States.


Climate Change: Lines of Evidence Videos

The National Research Council developed a series of seven videos that explain how scientists have arrived at the current state of knowledge about recent climate change and its causes.