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Regional Assessments


The Caribbean Regional Sub Hub Assessment of Vulnerability is now available! Read the full report here

International and National Assessments

A large amount of research has been devoted to understanding national, regional and local risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities associated with a changing climate. The following recent regional climate, forestry and agricultural assessments are available:

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2014 Fifth Assessment Report

The Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) provides a clear and up to date view of the current state of scientific knowledge relevant to climate change. The available reports include:


USDA Effects of Climatic Variability and Change on Forest Ecosystems: A Comprehensive Science Synthesis for the U.S. Forest Sector

This is a comprehensive report synthesizing key findings on Climate Change effects on U.S. Forest Ecosystems. Download Full Report (PDF)

USDA Climate Change Science Plan

This report addresses the challenges of climate change and the needs associated with the risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities associate with addressing greenhouse gas emissions. Download Full Report (PDF)


Regional and Local Assessments


National Climate Assessment - Southeast and Caribbean

Explore how climate change is affecting the Southeast and Caribbean. View or Download Highlights or Full Report


Climate Change Effects in El Yunque National Forestand the Caribbean Region (2014)

This report provides a knowledge base of peer-reviewed climate change science for El Yunque National Forest (also administratively designated as the Luquillo Experimental Forest), Puerto Rico, and the greater Caribbean region. Download Full Report (PDF)

Puerto Rico's State of the Climate

Assessing Puerto Rico's Social-Ecological Vulnerabilities in a Changing Climate. 2010-2013. Download Executive Summary (PDF) | Download Executive Summary - En Español (PDF)


Puerto Rico Statewide Assessment and Strategies for Forest Resources (2013)

The Puerto Rico Statewide Assessment and Strategy for Forest Resources describes forest conditions on all ownerships in Puerto Rico; identifies our forests related benefits and services; identifies threats to our forest resources; highlights issues and trends of concern related to our forests and finally delineates high priority forest landscapes. Download Full Report (PDF)

USDA Agricultural Census for Puerto Rico (2012)

comprehensive summary of agricultural activity for Puerto Rico. The report includes the number of farms by size and type, inventory and values for crops and livestock, operator characteristics, and much more. Download Full Report (PDF)

U.S. Virgin Islands Forest Resources Assessment and Strategies (2010)

A comprehensive analysis of forest-related conditions, trends, threats, and strategies Download Full Report (PDF)


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