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Webinars from Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Workshop

A new series of webinars offered by the USDA Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH) with assistance from the Climate Learning Network  are now available on demand. The webinars were originally aired during SERCH's two-day online Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Workshop in January 2016. For more webinars from the series, look through the Climate Learning Network channel or go to the archived webinars at


January 20, 2016

Climate Vulnerabilities and Forecasting in the Southeast 

Pam Knox, University of Georgia Agriculture Climatologist, discusses climate forecasting to reveal climate vulnerabilities in the Southeast.

Name: Pam Knox 

Title: Agriculture Climatologist

Organization: University of Georgia 



Communicating Climate Change Impacts and Options to a Disbelieving Audience 

Dr. Steve McNulty, director of the Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH), discusses his ELFLAND method of communicating climate change to a disbelieving or suspicious audience.

Name: Dr. Steve McNulty

Title: Director of the Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH)

Organizations: USDA Forest Service, NCSU, and SERCH


Climate Efforts from the New eXtension 

Dan Geller, coordinator of the Climate Learning Network and Extension associate at Southern Regional Extension Forestry, discusses recent projects put together by the eXtension Learning Network to inform Extension agents and the public about climate variability.

Name: Dan Geller 

Title: Coordinator of the Climate Learning Network

Organizations: CLN and SREF


USDA Building Blocks for Climate Smart Forestry and Agriculture 

Joel Larson, Climate Change Analyst at the USDA Office of the Chief Economist, talks about the USDA's building blocks for forestry and farming in world of uncertain climate and weather patterns.

Name: Joel Larson

Title: Climate Change Analyst 

Organization: USDA Office of the Chief Economist


Tools for Climate Change Adaptation

Sarah Wiener, coordinator of the Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH), discusses tools and resources for assessing and mitigating climate change that SERCH has either developed or contributed to.

Name: Sarah Wiener

Title: Coordinator

Organization: Southeast Regional Climate Hub (SERCH)


Building Carbon and Resilience through Agroforestry 

Richard Straight, lead agroforester with the USDA Forest Service's National Agroforestry Center NAC in Lincoln, Nebraska, discusses the practice of agroforestry, or the intersection of farming and forestry, and how it relates to climate adaptation and mitigation practices.

Name: Richard Straight

Title: Agroforester

Organization: USDA National Agroforestry Center (NAC)


The Economics of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Dr. Robert H. Beach, RTI Fellow at the Agricultural, Resource & Energy Economics and Policy Program, discusses the economic impacts and importance of climate variability mitigation and adaptation practices.

Name: Dr. Robert H. Beach

Title: RTI Fellow

Organization: Agriculture, Resource, and Energy Economics and Policy Program



Current Resources for Estimating and Maintaining Forest Carbon 

Dr. Richard Birdsey, distinguished research scientist with the USDA Forest Service and program director at the Northern Research Station, discusses resources and strategies for estimating and maintaining the amount of carbon sequestered in forests and woodlands.

Name: Dr. Richard Birdsey

Title: Distinguished Research Scientist and Program Director of the Northern Research Station

Organization: USDA Forest Service 


January 21, 2016

Climate Adaptation & Mitigation Strategies for Producers of Poultry & Livestock 

Dr. Mark Risse of the University of Georgia discusses strategies to help farmers and ranchers decrease their carbon usage in the production of livestock.


Name: Dr. Mark Risse

Title: Director, Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant

Organization: University of Georgia 



Ecosystem-Based Climate Mitigation Options for Farmers & Ranchers 

Dr. Laura Lengnick, author of the book "Resilient Agriculture," explores climate risk management through the adaptation stories of award-winning sustainable farmers and ranchers across the United States.

Name: Dr. Laura Lengnick 

Title: Author of "Resilient Agriculture: Cultivating Food Systems for a Changing Climate" 

Organization: Cultivating Resilience LLC


USDA NRCS Programs for Agriculture Producers 

Stephen Musser, Assistant State Conservationist for Programs in Alabama, presents some key NRCS programs that offer financial assistance to agriculture producers seeking to incorporate climate mitigation and adaptation as well as conservation into their practices.

Name: Stephen Musser

Title: Assistant State Conservationist for Programs in Alabama

Organization: NRCS 


Soil Health & Climate Adaptation Practices 

John Lee, USDA NRCS Arkansas State Agronomist, discusses soil health as it pertains to climate adaptation and mitigation practices in agriculture.

Name: John Lee

Title: Arkansas State Agronomist

Organization: USDA NRCS


An Introduction to the COMET-Farm and COMET-Planner Climate Assessment

Mark Easter,  Senior Research Associate at the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University, provides an introduction to the COMET-Farm and COMET-Planner climate assessment tools and explains how farmers and foresters can use them to assess their holdings and make climate smart decisions.

Name: Mark Easter

Title: Senior Research Associate

Organization: Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory at Colorado State University



Forest Stewardship: Adapting to and Mitigating Climate Change Impacts 

Dr. John King, professor of forest ecophysiology at North Carolina State University's Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, discusses forest management and forest stewardship as part of the climate change mitigation and adaptation equation.

Name: Dr. John King

Title: Professor of Forest Ecophysiology

Organization: NCSU Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources


Intro to TACCIMO, Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options 

Emrys Treasure, project coordinator for TACCIMO at the Eastern Threat Center of the USDA Forest Service, explains TACCIMO (Template for Assessing Climate Change Impacts and Management Options) and its applications for climate change mitigation and adaptation among forest professionals and agriculture producers.

Name: Emrys Treasure

Title: Project Coordinator for TACCIMO

Organization: USDA Forest Service Eastern Threat Center


Overview of Forestry Extension and Climate Change 

Dr. Bill Hubbard, Extension Forester with Southern Regional Extension Forestry, explains the role of forestry Extension in educating forest landowners about climate variability and the practices for mitigating and adapting to its negative impacts.

Name: Dr. Bill Hubbard

Title: Extension Forester

Organization: Southern Regional Extension Forestry