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About Us

The mission of the USDA Regional Climate Hubs is to maintain and strengthen agricultural production and natural resource management under increasing climate variability and climate change through improved delivery of science-based information at regional and local scales.

We are a community of natural resource and agriculture professionals across California who are dedicated to bringing climate-relevant information to where it is most needed. First and foremost, we aim to listen to the practical needs of those dealing with climate adaptation on the ground – resource managers, farmers, ranchers, forest owners, tribal authorities, and their representatives and advocates. To meet our users’ informational needs, we will draw upon our broad base of science and policy knowledge and will reach out to subject-specific experts.

We are currently seeking new partners who would like to be actively involved with the California Sub Hub. If you would like to explore ways to work together, please get in touch via any of the email addresses below, or use our Contact Us form.

California Climate Hub Leadership

Andrew McElrone (Interim Director)
Email: Andrew.McElrone@ARS.USDA.GOV
Phone: (530) 754-9763

Amber Kerr (Coordinator)

California Sub Hub core members

(listed alphabetically by agency and last name)

California Department of Food and Agriculture

Amrith Gunasekara <>
Sandra Schubert <>


Mark Battany <>
Doug Parker <>

University of California, Davis

Jan Hopmans <>
Mark Schwartz <>

USDA Forest Service

Jeanne Chambers (Nevada)  <>
Chris Fischer <>
Ric Lopez (Hawaii) <>

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Tom Hedt <>
Luana Kiger <>
Cindy Stiles <>


You may also wish to see the preliminary organizational chart of the SW Hub and Sub Hub (PDF, 1 page, 103 KB).