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Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Midwest Agriculture

How has my state's climate changed over the last few decades?

In what ways are these changes affecting agricultural operations and production?

How can farms adapt to climate change that's already occurring and the changes that are expected in the future?

The Midwest Climate Hub, the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments, the Northern Forests Climate Hub, and the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science have partnered with an array of Midwest organizations to develop agricultural vulnerability assessments for each state in the region. These assessments, alongside additional state resources, are available below. Each state assessment presents:

  • historical climate change that occurred from 1979 to 2021
  • projected changes under future greenhouse gas emissions scenarios
  • the impacts of these changes (both historical and projected) on agricultural operations
  • considerations for adapting agricultural operations to these impacts

The climate metrics presented in these assessments include temperature, precipitation, humidity, and their extremes. Download the assessments below and access accompanying state resources and information.

The methods associated with these assessments are described here.


Cover Image for Illinois Assessment
October 2022
Download Here






Additional Resources from Illinois

Report: An Assessment of the Impacts of Climate Change in Illinois (2021)

  • This assessment was led by The Nature Conservancy in Illinois and explores the impacts of climate change on water resources, agriculture, public health, and ecosystems.

Extension Guide: The Illinois Agronomy Handbook (Updated 2021)

Web Resource: University of Illinois Extension Page for Weather and Climate

More State-Level Assessments Coming Soon

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