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Al Steele

Al Steele is a Physical Scientist and Forest Products Specialist with the US Forest Service, State & Private Forestry Region 9 based in Morgantown, West Virginia.   

Al's educational background includes degrees in forest management, engineering, and an MBA. Prior to his federal service, he worked with tribal forestry programs across the nation, for two paper companies in Maine, and for a consulting market research firm. After joining the Forest Service, Al worked for many years with the Economic Action Program which focused on fostering sustainable, natural resource based economic development opportunities in the 20 Northeast and Midwest states. In recent years, Al has expanded his portfolio, developing expertise on the technical and policy issues associated with climate change/energy as they intersect with natural resource management. Al's goal is to assist the Hub support thought leaders, decision makers and practitioners to share best practices, review the latest research and to collaboratively develop innovations that support the use and protection of forest resources in a changing climate. 

Featured Work

Al Steele


  • Co-Director, USDA Northeast Climate Hub
  • Physical Scientist and Forest Products Specialist, US Forest Service


US Forest Service, State & Private Forestry, Region 9


180 Canfield Street,
Morgantown, WV 26505

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Focus Area

  • Enhancing climate leadership capacity of forest products producers
  • Forest products technical assistance; building public awareness of forestry's role in a green economy
  • "No regrets" opportunity analyses available at scale; tradeoffs and risk assessment