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Climate Change Field Guide for Southern Wisconsin

The Climate Change Field Guide for Southern Wisconsin Forests is designed to put useful climate change and adaptation information into the hands of natural resource professionals as they walk through the woods. This field guide provides summary information about the major effects of climate change on southern Wisconsin’s forests, helps professionals identify existing site conditions that could increase or reduce risk from climate change, and provides example adaptation actions to consider. We hope it’ll be a useful reference and also help natural resource professionals start discussions about climate change with co-workers, partners, and clients.

This field guide contains summary information updated from previous climate change assessments from the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts, and the Forest Adaptation Resources document.


Download the guide at Climate Change Field Guide for Southern Wisconsin Forests


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Handler, S., A. Calhoun, G. Edge, B. Hutnik, N. Morehouse, R. O’Connor, A. Staffen, M. Zine, K. Marcinkowski, M. Peters, T. Ontl, and C. Swanston. 2021. Climate change field guide for southern Wisconsin forests: Site-level considerations and adaptation. USDA Northern Forests Climate Hub Technical Report #6. Houghton, MI. 102p.