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Education Resources

What educational resources are available?

More and more educational resources are coming avaiable as people try to better understand climate change and how it could affect them. The USDA Forest Service has developed the Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) as a web-based, national resource that connects land managers and decisionmakers with useable science to address climate change in planning and application. View a curated list of climate-related educational resources at the Climate Change Resource Center (external link).

The CCRC addresses the land manager's question "What can I do about climate change?" by providing information about climate change impacts and approaches to adaptation and mitigation in forests and grasslands. The CCRC is a joint effort of the Forest Service Office of the Climate Change Advisor and Forest Service Research and Development.

The website compiles and creates resources on management-relevant topics, ranging from basic climate change information to details on specific management responses. These include:


What is Extension?
All universities engage in research and teaching, but the nation's more than 100 land-grant colleges and universities, have a third critical mission—extension. "Extension" means "reaching out," and—along with teaching and research—land-grant institutions "extend" their resources, solving public needs with college or university resources through non-formal, non-credit programs.

These programs are largely administered through thousands of county and regional extension offices, which bring land-grant expertise to the most local of levels. And both the universities and their local offices are supported by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA), the federal partner in the Cooperative Extension System (CES). NIFA plays a key role in the land-grant extension mission by distributing annual Congressionally appropriated formula grants to supplement state and county funds. NIFA affects how these formula grants are used through national program leadership to help identify timely national priorities and ways to address them. Learn more about extension and forest programs offered by NIFA .

The extension system also supports the eXtension website. One of the goals of eXtension is to develop a coordinated, Internet-based information system where customers will have round-the-clock access to trustworthy, balanced views of specialized information and education on a wide range of topics. Learn more about climate, forests, and woodlands through eXtension