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Kathryn Bills Walsh

Dr. Walsh is a postdoctoral research associate who studies social-ecological systems and the human dimensions of rangeland management. She earned her Ph.D. in Earth Sciences from Montana State University where she was a member of the Resources and Communities Research Group. As a research social scientist with the Northern Plains Climate Hub, Katie is conducting qualitative research (e.g., interviews, focus groups) to understand ranch-level decision making and landscape-level resilience in a changing climate, as well as the efficacy of collaborative research processes.

Featured Work

Taylor, S., K.B. Walsh, G.L. Theodori, J. Jacquet, A. Kroepsch, and J.H. Haggerty. 2021. Addressing research fatigue in energy communities. New tools to prepare researchers for better community engagement. Society & Natural Resources. Vol. 34.

Haggerty, J.H., K.K. Smith, J. Weigle, T.W. Kelsey, K.B. Walsh, R. Coupal, D.L. Kay, and P. Lachapelle. 2019. Tradeoffs, balancing, and adaptation in the agricultural-oil and gas nexus: Insights from farmers and ranchers in the U.S. Energy Research and Social Science. Vol. 47, 84-92.

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  • Postdoctoral Associate, USDA NPCH
  • Research Social Scientist



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