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Janelle Christensen

As an ORISE Climate Change Communications Fellow, Janelle Christensen seeks to assist farmers, foresters, and public land users with understanding and using climate change science. She holds a Master's of Environmental Science and Management (MESM) from University of California Santa Barbara’s Bren School of Environmental Science and Management. There, she studied environmental communications and water resource management. She also worked for the National Park Service as a Future Park Leaders, Scientists in the Parks Fellow to create climate change tools for land management planning. She enjoys working with complex data to make it more easily understood by a broader audience, and developed an R package, Reproducible Climate Futures (rcf), for the National Park Service Climate Change Response Program to increase accessibility of climate data for land managers. Prior to her graduate degree, she worked with farmers in Senegal, West Africa as a Peace Corps volunteer to find and implement solutions to deforestation. She believes that communication is crucial to creating tangible change and is always seeking ways to better communicate science and data.

Featured Work

Janelle Christensen with her dog.


  • ORISE Climate Change Communications Fellow



Pacific Northwest Research Station
Edith Green - Wendell Wyatt Federal Building
1220 SW 3rd Avenue, Suite 1400
Portland, Oregon 97204

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Focus Area

  • Water resource management
  • Data visualization and communication