Climate Change Basics: Northwest and Alaskan Tribal Nations


Climate change has been impacting Tribal Nations. Tribal Nations, tribal ways of life and subsistence food gathering by changing ecosystems, rising sea-level, increasing in stream temperatures, and changing fish, plant, and wildlife populations. Explore the education materials below, to understand how climate change is already affecting Tribal Nations in Alaska and the Northwest.

Climate Change Basics

Climate change basics for the Northwest provide background materials in various forms to provide an introduction to climate science, clarify common misconceptions about climate change. 


Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Network -hosts montly calls and summaries call in meeting notes posted here which provides news, resources, announcements about funding opportunities, conferences, and training, and other information relevant to tribal climate change issues

Courses, Videos & Webinars

Climate change-Marine programs-videos on the effects of climate change on marine systems (ocean acidification in Alaska)

Environmental Protections and Restoration-Pacific Northwest Tribal Best Practices-The Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians-video on best practices for restoration in the Pacific Northwest

North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative -series of webinars on the effects of climate change on the North Pacific Coasts

USDA Science & Technology Library-water resources-collection of webinars on water resources from the USDA

Water and climate change from Carpe Diem West-webinars engaging subject matter experts and practitioners in the field in a detailed discussion of issues at the intersection of water and climate change

Webinar Portal for Climate Science -Coastal-series of webinars on climate science and coastal areas 

Webinar Portal for Climate Science -Water -series of webinars on climate science and water


Pacific Northwest Tribal Climate Change Guide-full collection of items on funding sources, adaptation plans, climate programs, climate tools, scientists contacts and interests, publications, climate education, disaster resources, climate job and events

2015 ATNI Tribal Leaders Summit on Climate Change-presentations from the summit

Alaska Sea Grant Bookstore-Climate Change-collection of materials on climate change

Climate change/Tribal climate resilience program-BIA-climate considerations at the project level through leadership engagement, delivery of data and tools, funding opportunities, training, and tribal capacity building

Climate Change Impacts on Tribal Resources-a brief summary of climate change impacts on tribal resources

Fact sheets from the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals-fact sheets developed by the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals focused on climate change impacts, adaptation strategies, and other relevant topics 

Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals: Tribes and Climate Change -tools, resources and events focused on climate change effect, adaptation and mitigation

North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative-Science and Traditional Ecological Knowledge strategies and implementation plans

Promoting Generations of Self-Reliance: Stories and Examples of Tribal Adaptation to Change-examples of climate change planning, evaluation and implementation for tribes