Climate Change Basics: Northwest Forestry

forest fire smoke billowing off mountainside

Climate change projections indicate an increase in average temperature across the year, a change in growing season length, a persistent increase in greenhouse gas concentration, and a shift in precipitation from summer to winter; all of which will increase water stress during the summer. However in Alaska more precipitation is projected along with warmer temperatures that will melt permafrost and lengthen growing seasons. These factors will have differential effects on plants and animals within a forest. To better understand how climate change will affect forestry explore the education materials below.

Climate Change Basics

Climate change basics for the Northwest provide background materials in various forms to provide an introduction to climate science, clarify common misconceptions about climate change. 

Blogs & Newsletters

Climate CIRCulator-sign up for a monthly newsletter written by climate researchers and communicators on a variety of topics including fires, drought, climate in the Northwest

How can agroforestry help landowners adapt to climate change? The benefits of agroforestry (working trees) in reducing climate risks from the National Agroforestry Center

How can agroforestry help landowners adapt to increased rain intensity?  The benefits of agroforestry (working trees) in reducing effects of intense rain.

Northwest Biochar Working Group-events and information on biochar in the Northwest

Northwest Climate Science Digest-newsletter about climate change science and upcoming events and training opportunities relevant to your conservation work

Oregon Forests and Climate Change-OSU extension-objective, science-based education to help forest owners succeed in forest stewardship

USDA Forest Service Blog- posts on climate change for national forests, forest service, and private land owners

USDA Blog-Forestry-posts on forests from the USDA

Courses, Videos, & Webinars

Climate Insights 101 from the Pacific Institute for Climatic Solutions- a triology of animated and interactive courses that provide comprehensive understanding of the causes of climate change, of how society can adapt, and the options for mitigation 

Forest Service Climate Change Resource Center-short-courses and workshops on the effects of climate change on forests and rangelands and adapting to climate change: "Forest and

Grassland Carbon in North America: A Short Course for Land Managers

USDA FS Climate Change Resource Center-Education-educational modules to provide accessible information on climate change

USDA Webinar portal for Climate Science-collection of webinars on forestry and climate change

Water and climate change from Carpe Diem West-webinars engaging subject matter experts and practitioners in the field in a detailed discussion of issues at the intersection of water and climate change


Adaptation Partners- Science-management partnerships focused on climate change adaptation in the Western US

Adaptation Partners: Library (Forestry, Fisheries, and Water resources)-climate change vulnerability assessments

Climate Change in the Northwest-book on climate change impacts in the Northwest

Climate Literacy: the essential principles of climate science-a guide for all ages, individuals and communities to learn the essentials of climate science

The Pacific Northwest Climate Impacts Research Consortium (CIRC)-reports and academic papers on climate change in the Pacific Northwest

Reforestation, Nurseries, & Genetic resources: Climate Change / Assisted Migration-primer for reforestation and restoration decision makers, online database and a collection of references on native plant transfer guidelines

Responding to Climate Change in National Forests: A Guidebook for Developing Adaptation Options-guidebook with science-based principles, processes, and tools necessary to assist with developing adaptation options for national forest lands

USDA Climate Change Program Office (CCPO)-extensive summary of the effects of climate change and adaptation to climate change for agriculture in the US
USFS Region 6 (Oregon & Washington) Climate Fact Sheets-information on climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, and potential adaptation actions in the Pacific Northwest. The Big Picture (pdf) (Interactive map), Water Resources Impacts (pdf) (Interactive map), and Vegetation Changes (pdf) (Interactive map)