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Andrew Waaswa

Andrew Waaswa is a Resource Assistant intern with the USDA Forest Service, Southeast Climate Hub. Andrew holds a master’s degree in Agricultural Extension from Egerton University, Kenya, and is currently finalizing his doctorate in Agricultural and Extension Education Program with a minor in Crop Sciences at North Carolina State University. He is working with the USDA Southeast Climate Hub staff to lead and coordinate efforts to deliver climate adaptation resources through webinars and workshops to producers (farmers, forest land managers, grazing land managers) in the Southeast U.S. to help them make climate-informed decisions and build resilience to climate change and variability.

Featured Work

Climate change adaptation communication

Andrew Waaswa, Research Assistant Intern


  • Resource Assistant Intern


The Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology & Science (KIETS) Climate Leaders Program at NC State University, USDA Forest Service


3041 East Cornwallis Road
RTP, NC 27709

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Focus Area

  • Climate change adaptation communication