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Elijah Worley

Elijah Worley is a contract Research Assistant and Southeast Forest Collaboration Lead with the USDA Southeast Climate Hub.  Elijah received his bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Soil Science from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.  His work with the Hub focuses on monitoring hurricane disturbance effects on short-term and long- term forest water yield and carbon sequestration in areas impacted by hurricane Michael, and working with State forestry groups to develop educational fact sheets of emerging forest threats and adaptation options to reduce risk.

Elijah Worley


  • Research Assistant


United Business Solutions, USDA Forest Service


3041 East Cornwallis Road
RTP, NC 27709

Phone Number



Focus Area

  • Hurricane impacts on carbon and water cycles in SE US
  • Forests threats and adaptation options
  • Drought impact reporting assessment and information flow