Intern Highlight: Emily Bickle

Emily Bickle - SW Hub Intern

We’d like to extend gratitude and best wishes to Hub research assistant, Emily Bickle! Since developing case studies of drought adaptation with the Drought Learning Network, Emily continues to support community resilience through her work and goals for the future.

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Emily Bickle who has served as a research assistant with the Southwest Climate Hub this past year! Emily assisted the Drought Learning Network’s Sharing Management Practices team, where she worked with land managers and scientists to showcase transferable examples of drought adaptation in the Southwest. Her hard work resulted in four case studies, spanning topics such as land and water management, drought-tolerant cattle breeds, and navigating wildlife conflict. Her case studies are hosted on the Collaborative Conservation and Adaptation Strategies Toolbox’s (CCAST) website. 

Emily now works for the non-profit, C40 Cities, where she is the Climate Solutions & Networks (CSN) Team Officer. The CSN team works across C40’s five key sectors: air quality, food and waste, energy and buildings, transportation and urban planning, and adaptation. As a part of the team, she has the opportunity to work with each sector and support their work to help cities be greener and more resilient. Emily supports the team with general communication, launching declarations for cities, crafting monthly bulletins, and tracking involvement and city action. 

Looking forward, Emily plans to contribute to research that examines the effects of climate variability and change on food security. She would like to explore the benefits of ecosystem services and how these can be best utilized to support our food systems in the future. Her dream is to, through her research, support communities around the world to produce food despite the challenges imposed by climate change. To pursue this goal, Emily hopes to return to school to obtain her PhD. 

You will do great things, Emily!