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Bryce Richardson

Bryce Richardson is co-director of the USDA Southwest Climate Hub and a Research Geneticist with the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station. He is based on Provo, Utah. His research interests include population genomics, genecology, and phylogenetics of plants. He is particularly interested in using genetic approaches to address ecological interactions between plants and the environment. Current projects include big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata), blackbrush (Coleogyne ramosissima) and aspen (Populus tremuloides). His research uses various genetic techniques: common garden trials to measure adaptive variation in quantitative traits, next-generation sequencing to develop molecular markers and annotate genes, and genecology to develop association between traits and climate variables to infer seeds zones for current and future climates. Knowledge of how plants are adapted to their environments is fundamental to ecological restoration and mitigating impacts from climate change. His research has applications for the development of current and future seed transfer zones, ensuring seed banks capture the genetic diversity of a species and other tools that enable restoration of natural ecosystems.

Featured Work

Richardson, Bryce A.; Chaney, Linsay; Shaw, Nancy L.; Still, Shannon M. 2016. Will Phenotypic Plasticity Affecting Flowering Phenology Keep Pace With Climate Change.

Richardson, Bryce A.; Kitchen, Stanley G.; Pendleton, Rosemary L.; Pendleton, Burton K.; Germino, Matthew J.; Rehfeldt, Gerald E.; Meyer, Susan E. 2014. Adaptive Responses Reveal Contemporary And Future Ecotypes In A Desert Shrub.

Su, Zhihao; Richardson, Bryce A.; Zhuo, Li; Jiang, Xiaolong; Li, Wenjun; Kang, Xiaoshan. 2017. Genetic Diversity And Structure Of An Endangered Desert Shrub And The Implications For Conservation.


Dr Bryce Richardson


  • Co-director, USDA Southwest Climate Hub
  • Research Geneticist, USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station


USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station


735 North 500 East,
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Focus Area

  • Molecular and quantitative genetics of shrub and tree species
  • Great Basin ecosystem resilience