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Storymap of Climate Change and Adaptation: Mid-Atlantic

Foresters, biologists, and land managers are working hard to preserve these forests for future generations, as part of the Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Response Framework. Understanding how our forests are changing now and how they will continue to change in the future is the key to making sustainable choices. To help with these decisions, the Mid-Atlantic Forest Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment and Synthesis: a report from the Mid-Atlantic Climate Change Response Framework summarizes the best available information about these forests from published research and local knowledge. The first three sections of this story map highlight key themes from the report and describe the general effects of anticipated changes across the region. The final section shows what foresters and land managers are doing to protect these forests and all of the benefits they provide.


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Storymaps are interactive tools designed to create pathways for users to engage information such as maps, stories and data in an approachable setting.
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This story map was produced by the USDA Forest Service Eastern Region, State and Private Forestry and the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS).