Raramuri Criollo: Old Genetics for New Landscapes

Criollo cattle by Ted of DGAR is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Raramuri Criollo is a Bos taurus biotype with characteristics that are showing promise for profitable and sustainable production in the arid US Southwest. On-ranch research has shown that compared with breeds commonly used in the Southwest, Raramuri Criollo travel greater distances from water, spend more time grazing and traveling, forage on low-quality grasses, and appear to experience less heat stress - while gaining weight and maintaining desirable body condition.

Rancher observation and research suggest that Raramuri Criollo have the following characteristics:

  • Improved distribution and efficiency during foraging
  • Hardy, self-reliant and suited to arid environments
  • Lower impact on sensitive soils and vegetation
  • Quality carcass from all-forage diet
  • Protective mothering styles
  • High fertility and longevity
  • Mild temperament
  • Small calves

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