A menu of adaptation strategies and approaches that provides options for taking action to integrate climate change considerations into forest mgmt. and conservation.
A series of case studies developed using Adaptation Resources for Agriculture in combination with the Adaptation Workbook
Coastal forests and farmlands in parts of the Southeast are being negatively affected by saltwater intrusion and salinization. Elevated salinity levels cause crop yield declines, coastal forest loss, salt-tolerant invasive species takeover, eutrophication and marsh migration.

Map of United States defining the geographic region covered by each climate hub


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Take a closer look at how scientists use forest experiments to study forest response to extreme weather events, such as ice storms, drought, and warming. Learn about how these types of events impact northern hardwood forest ecosystems.
The results from a new study in Vermont show how forests can play a significant role in fighting climate change.
Information about how to avoid and cope with current and expected changes to water resources and rangeland health.
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Since 2017, a group of Agricultural Research Service scientists, Natural Resources Conservation Service air quality experts and others have been working to understand agriculture, air quality and climate change in the Southwestern and Southern Plains Climate…