Smoke information for the Northwest region (AK, OR, ID, WA).
People who live and work in the Southeastern United States are unfortunately familiar with the devastation and loss of life and property that can accompany a hurricane event. To help producers remain resilient and productive in the face of this threat, the USDA Southeast Climate Hub, along other USDA agencies and university Extension experts, developed the following guides to help you prepare for and recover from hurricane events.
The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) offers cost sharing for practices that help farmers increase resilience to drought.

Map of United States defining the geographic region covered by each climate hub


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Smoke information for the Northwest region (AK, OR, ID, WA).
Climate change is challenging California's multi-billion dollar agricultural industry, which provides thousands of jobs and produces more than 400 agricultural commodities. This story map provides a broad overview of California's specialty crop…
The Grassland Productivity Forecast, or Grass-Cast, is an experimental model that generates map-based forecasts of grassland productivity, offering a potential new tool in the land manager’s drought contingency planning toolbox for grazing lands. The tool is…
“Flash drought” refers to drought conditions that develop unusually quickly, in effect sneaking up on farmers and policy managers.  This kind of drought doesn’t happen often in the Northeast but it did this year.
Agenda, recordings and links to drought-related resources from the 2020 Northwest Drought Workshop.