New research from the University of the District of Columbia shows that understanding what people know and perceive is key to designing effective educational programs.
Resources and information on drought in the Northwest region (AK, OR, ID, WA).
FireCLIME VA is a tool designed to assess ecosystem vulnerability to the effects of fire and climate regime change. It also facilitates the comparison of different ecosystem management strategies under various climate scenarios for reducing the undesirable impacts of climate on wildfire regimes and of wildfire on natural ecosystems

Map of United States defining the geographic region covered by each climate hub


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People who live and work in the Southeastern United States are unfortunately familiar with the devastation and loss of life and property that can accompany a hurricane event. To help producers remain resilient and productive in the face of this threat, the…
Promoting biodiversity on and off-farm, as well as below and above ground, is of utmost importance to agricultural production and Haycamp Farm subscribes to organic production methods that emphasize soil health and minimize off-farm inputs.
The Northeast Climate Adaptation Fellowship's Vegetable and Fruit Program now accepting applications and is open to commercial farmers in the Northeast U.S. who grow vegetables and/or small fruit. It is also available for agricultural advisors who work…
Research and management partnerships, such as the Great Basin Native Plant Program, are developing the much-needed knowledge to utilize key native forbs in restoration in the Great Basin and surrounding regions.
Climate change will alter the dynamics of outdoor recreation and the infrastructure that supports it in a number of ways, climate adaptation strategies and approaches can help managers thoughtfully include climate change considerations in land management…