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USDA Programs and Resources to Assist with Adaptation to Climate Change


This searchable guide is a compilation of over 140 USDA programs and resources that provide financial or technical assistance, insurance, or services to assist with adaptation and mitigation of climate change. These programs and resources are accessible to eligible Tribes, Tribal governments, Tribal citizens, farmers, ranchers, forest land owners, businesses, state agencies, institutions, and non-government organizations. This guide has been reviewed and approved by the USDA Office of Tribal Relations.
Disclaimer: Details of programs and resources listed are from the 2014 Farm Bill and will be updated to reflect the 2018 Farm Bill.


Select items from any of the three drop-down lists for Keyword, Eligibility, and/or Category and select the Apply button to conduct a search. Selecting from the Keyword menu alone will maximize results, while adding additional criteria from the Eligibility and/or Category menus will narrow the search and reduce results. Results will appear in table format at the bottom of the page with ten results visible per page and additional pages viewed by clicking the arrow or page number. Click on the program title in the leftmost column to access additional information for each program or resource.

Additional Tips:

If you are interested in climate change adaptation topics related to:
  • Conservation, consider selecting “conservation” in the keyword dropdown menu. Many conservation practices double as adaptation efforts as they aim to build landscapes that are more resilient to climate change.
  • Human health, consider using any of the following Keywords: nutrition, disease, food security, drinking water, and waste disposal.
  • Rural or remote infrastructure and economics, consider using any of the following Keywords: community, housing, infrastructure, extension, and energy.
Program Title Disaster Assistance Category Eligibility Keywords
"Grassroots" Source Water Protection Program No Information resource Business, Individuals Drinking water, Health, Waste disposal
2016 USDA Resource Guide for American Indians & Alaskan Natives No Financial support, Technical support Many Business, Commodity, Community, Conservation, Extension, Food security, Research
A Guide to Funding Resources No Technical support Many Community
Acer Access and Development Program (Acer) No Grant Research institution, State agencies, Tribal government Commodity, Research
Aerial Photography Field Office No Information resource Many Climate vulnerability, Research
Agricultural Analytics No Technical support Many Commodity
Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) No Financial support, Technical support Business, Individuals Conservation
Agricultural Law Information Partnership No Technical support Many Information, Research
Agricultural Management Assistance (AMA) No Financial support, Technical support Business, Individuals Conservation
Agricultural Research Service (ARS) No Information resource Many Research