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Hazel - Hub Dog

Hazel joined the USDA California Climate Hub team in January 2019 and is continuing to get familiar with the state's diverse forests, rangelands and agricultural production systems. Just in her first couple years she has explored coastal redwood forests, interior blue oak woodlands, Sierra mixed conifer forests, high elevation subalpine meadows and even whitebark pine stands. However she is fond of the states waterbodies, especially Sierran rivers and lakes. She is still getting familiar with specialty crops, having only visited a handful of the states wineries.  She is, however, inconsistently open to a taste of apples, carrots and grapes but only when the skin is removed.  She is not put off by long walks during atmospheric rivers but not at all a fan of leaving the house during heat waves.

Hazel in the water


  • Hub Dog



Phone Number


Focus Area

  • Getting pets at site visits and farm field days
  • Forest trail running - especially coastal redwoods
  • Evaluating waterbody swimability