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Lauren Parker

Lauren Parker joined the USDA California Climate Hub in August 2018 following a position as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Idaho, where she also earned her PhD in 2017. Dr. Parker is a geographer by training, with a focus on agricultural climatology and perennial crop systems. Lauren comes to the California Climate Hub with a background in applied climatology, phenology and bioclimatic niche modeling, spatial analysis, and education and curriculum development. Her dissertation focused on projecting shifts in the geographic distribution and reproductive phenology of almonds under future climate scenarios through the development and use of phenology-based crop suitability models. Dr. Parker’s recent work has examined topics including extreme heat, frost exposure, shifts in agroclimate metrics, and opportunities and barriers to agricultural adaptation in California. Lauren has applied her background as an educator to support the production of science communications and translational products, outreach and education projects, and in service as an ad hoc technical advisor for Hub collaborators developing climate-focused curriculum. 

Featured Work

Select Peer Reviewed Literature:

Johnson D, Parker LE, Pathak TB, Crothers L, Ostoja SM (2023) Technical assistance providers identify climate change adaptation practices and barriers to adoption among California agricultural producers. Sustainability.

Parker LE, Zhang N, Abatzoglou JT, Ostoja SM, Pathak TB (2022) Observed changes in agroclimate metrics relevant for specialty crop production in CaliforniaAgronomy.

Zhang N, Pathak T, Parker L, Ostoja S (2021) Impacts of large-scale teleconnection indices on chill accumulation for specialty crops in CaliforniaScience of the Total Environment.  

Parker L, Pathak T, Ostoja S (2021) Climate change reduces frost exposure for high-value California orchard cropsScience of the Total Environment.

Parker LE, McElrone AJ, Ostoja SM, Forrestel EJ (2020) Extreme heat effects on perennial crops and strategies for sustaining future productionPlant Science.​ 

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Select Fact Sheets, Science Communication, and Translational Products

Climate Risks for California Agriculture Fact Sheet Series: 1. Climate Risks,  2. Cold Hardiness Zones,  3. Chill Hours

Story Map: California Crops Under Climate Change

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  • Research Program Manager
  • Coordinator


USDA California Climate Hub, UC Davis Institute of the Environment


Phone Number

(530) 752-7714


Focus Area

  • Agricultural Climatology
  • Perennial Crop Systems
  • Agricultural Water Resources