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CalAgroClimate is a web-based decision support system that translates high resolution gridded weather data and forecast information into user-friendly decision support tools designed to provide crop specific information for managing risks to agricultural stakeholders. The system offers five tools for stakeholders: Frost Advisory, Heat Advisory, Crop Phenology, Pest Advisory, and Agroclimate Indicators.

The Frost and Heat Advisory tools return a forecast of minimum and maximum temperature forecasts, respectively, allowing users to plan ahead for temperature extremes. Users can also view historical weather data in their county using the Agroclimate Indicators tool. The Crop Phenology tool allows users to easily calculate the growing degree days of twelve commodities using the historical data for their location. Finally, the Pest Advisory tool predicts the crop pest life stages of eighteen pests, helping users prepare for pests before populations reach their peaks.




Producer, Land Manager

Tool Developers:

T. Pathak, S. Ostoja, L. Parker, S. Feirer, and R. Johnson