Adaptation Strategies and Approaches for California Forest Ecosystems

Sierra mixed-conifer forest at Fleming Meadows in the El Dorado National Forest in California

California’s forests are experiencing unprecedented stress and disturbances. These events are driven by multiple factors, including the effects of climate change, interacting to create conditions favorable for high severity fire, drought, and disease and insect outbreaks. Adapting the state’s forests to these conditions is increasingly necessary; however, it is often challenging to translate broad conceptual frameworks for climate change adaptation into explicit actions.

The Adaptation Strategies and Approaches for California Forest Ecosystems report is a menu of adaptation strategies offering flexible, yet tangible, options for integrating climate change considerations into California forest management. It reflects the context of the state's forests and is informed by a synthesis of California forest adaptation literature. The menu is designed to be used with the Adaptation Workbook , which provides a flexible process for 
natural resource professionals to incorporate potential effects of climate change on forests into their planning, decision-making, and implementation.