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California Southern Sierra Reforestation Symposium 2022

The Southern Sierra Reforestation Symposium was organized by the California Climate Hub, USFS Pacific Southwest Research Station, USFS Region 5, and Sierra Nevada Conservancy in June of 2022. The Symposium provided a forum for managers and researchers to share findings and experiences from operating in California's new era of fire and climate change effects, which are particularly evident in the southern Sierra. The symposium considered how managers can approach post-fire reforestation in different areas of a burned landscape and how innovation in management can improve both efficiency and success toward desired conditions.

Agenda overview 

The Symposium structure primarily consisted of two alternating types of sessions: presentations from researchers or managers and "innovation incubator" breakout groups. The innovation incubator groups were each assigned a broad reforestation goal; each group identified key objectives and potential actions needed to address their assigned goals, then estimated the extent to which these actions will achieve their objectives, and finally identified climate-smart solutions, and applications of recent research and strategies. The presentations that preceded each incubator session were intended to set the stage for and seed the breakout discussions. 

View the full agenda 

Explore presentations from researchers and managers 

Day 1

  • Opening Plenary 
  •  Innovation Incubator Breakout #1: Defining objectives and actions

  • Presentations: The So. Sierra in a New Era of Fire and Climate Change

  • Innovation Incubator Breakout #2: Challenges and solutions

Day 2

  • Presentations: Advancements in Reforestation and Post-fire Restoration

  • Innovation Incubator Breakout #3: Application of Advancements 

  • Closing



View the one-pager summary highlighting common challenges and solutions, and ideas for moving beyond business as usual operations. 

View the table summarizing key points for each innovation incubator and each breakout session