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Coping with Wildfire in California

The Western United States naturally is prone to seasonal wildfires. However, compounding stressors such as drought and extreme heat are increasing the severity of wildfires in California. To help land managers cope, we have created a list of informational, preparation, response, and recovery resources for wildfires in California.

NOTE: If you know of any wildfire and/or wildfire smoke resources relevant to California’s natural and working lands that are not on this list, please contact the California Climate Hub Coordinator, Lauren Parker.

  • Wildfire Recovery Resources

    Run by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, this site includes multiple governmental resources for wildfire recovery

    Air Now - Fires

    Run by the Environmental Protection Agency, this site provides information on air quality around the U.S. Their 'fires' page provides information and resources for monitoring, preparing for, and recovering from wildfire smoke.

    FEMA Wildfire Actions

    This is a FEMA run clearinghouse site for wildfire related resources including grants, ongoing responses, state specific resources, and preparedness checklists.

    National Interagency Fire Center - Fire News

    This page is run by the National Interagency Fire Center and contains information on the current national fire preparedness status, as well as updates on active wildfires occurring in each state.

    USDA Service Center Locator

    This USDA site is a single location where customers can access the services provided by the Farm Service Agency, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and the Rural Development agencies.

  • Wildfire Scenario Projections

    This CalAdapt tool shows wildfire scenario projections for area burned and estimated decadal wildfire probabilities throughout California.

    InciWeb Incident Information System

    This government run site provides information specific to individual wildfires across the U.S., including location, size, percent containment, evacuation and road closure announcements, maps of impacted areas, and contact information for more information. Fire details may be updated multiple times each day during significant events.

    California Fire Map and Tracker

    Run by the San Francisco Chronicle, this page is host to an interactive map of wildfires burning throughout the state. Information includes the fires origin, percent contained, and hot spots/perimeters.

    Fire Activity Map

    UC ANR provides this map of active wildfires in the state as a resource, but is not responsible for the content. The map shows active, stopped, and contained wildfires by size.

  • Wildfire Mitigation Strategies

    This CalCAN webpage describes multiple science-based wildfire mitigation strategies. The site includes videos and related state bill's associated to their legality

    Recovering from Wildfire: A Guide for California's Forest Landowners

    This UC ANR guide describes how forest landowners can recover after a wildfire event

    Using Prescribed Fire as a Tool

    This UC ANR informational resource explains the benefits of prescribed fire and includes extra outreach and informational sources to facilitate learning and action

    Wildfire Preparation Strategies

    This UC ANR site includes information to understand risks, identify resources, and develop strategies to aid in wildfire preparation

    Vineyard Resources for Wildfire Smoke

    This UC ANR site provides informational resources for wildfire smoke resilience and recovery specifically for vineyards

    Livestock Resources for Wildfire

    This UC ANR site provides information and resources specifically for livestock resilience and recovery from wildfire events

    Forest Wildfire Recovery

    This UC ANR site provides information dedicated to post-wildfire forest recovery

    Post-Fire Management Videos

    UC ANR videos related to post-wildfire management for rangeland, poultry, forests & woodlands, vineyards & orchards, and soils & produce.

    CAL FIRE Incident Page

    State-wide information on active California fires, provided by CAL FIRE. The agency also maintains a Twitter account where real time updates related to safety, evacuation orders, road closures and alternative driving routes and more.

    California Smoke Information

    With information from multiple public agencies, this site provides California specific information on air quality impacted by wildfire smoke, fire information, and the health effects of smoke and how to protect yourself. The page also provides links to California Air Quality Management Districts for more information on air quality.

  • Emergency Loan Program

    This USDA Farm Service Agency program provides emergency loans to help producers recover from production and physical losses due to drought, flooding, or other natural disasters.

    USDA Disaster Center

    This USDA run site provides information about specific disasters and emergencies, including how to prepare, recover, and help build long-term resilience, as well as information about USDA assistance during disaster events.

    FEMA Fire Management Assistance Grants

    This FEMA grant program provides rapid response for funding requests to mitigate, manage, or control wildfire.

    SBA Disaster Assistance

    Run by the US Small Business Administration (SBA), this site provides helpful information on how businesses and homeowners can apply for funds to help recover from declared disasters such as wildfires.