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Wood Product Development in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria

Wood Product Development workshops provided knowledge and technical skills to improve Puerto Rico’s capacity to develop high-value wood products from local resources.

In 2017, Hurricane Maria left millions of downed trees across Puerto Rico. The majority of these logs were chipped and disposed of. However, creative use of the salvaged logs has renewed enthusiasm for a local wood products industry in the region.  In July 2019, the USDA Caribbean Climate Hub held two Wood Product Development workshops in Puerto Rico with support from the USDA Forest Service International Institute of Tropical Forestry's State and Private Forestry and Research and Development.

The workshops educated participants about:

  • Resiliency to extreme weather and climate events.
  • The development of sustainable local wood products.
  • Safe handling and processing of wood for high-quality wood products.

To read the full USDA blog please visit Transforming Debris into Treasure: The Long Road of Wood Product Development after Hurricane Maria.