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COMET-Planner Global

The COMET-Planner Global Assessment Tool builds upon a decade of experience in the United States, delivering a first-order Climate Smart Conservation Practice evaluation platform to the world.  The Global version of COMET-Planner leverages the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Tier 1 methodologies provided within the Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Inventories. COMET-Planner Global will enable countries around the world to leverage USDA’s and Colorado State University’s experience building climate-smart conservation planning tools. The COMET-Planner Global Tool is intended to help deliver climate-smart working lands conservation practices worldwide. 

The COMET Tools are helping mobilize the deployment of global climate solutions. The tool allows people around the world to zoom into a map, place a marker in their region, select their current land use, select their conservation practices, and determine the soil carbon sequestration benefits their area produces now or could produce in the future with increased conservation practices.