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Adoption of Climate-Smart Innovations in Thailand

Cassava Nursery in Laos The USDA, Food for Progress - funded Regional Agriculture Innovation Network (RAIN) project, implemented by Winrock International, facilitates adoption of climate-smart innovations to increase productivity, reduce environmental impact, and expand trade in Thailand and Southeast Asia through creation of a Climate Hub. Working in eleven regions in Thailand on rice, cassava, durian, longan, mangosteen, and coconut.

The Climate Hub will coordinate a research consortium in close collaboration with Kasetsart University, the premier agricultural university of Thailand, the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives

The FFPr Project has five major activities:

Training on Improved Agricultural Techniques: The project will evaluate and disseminate climate smart innovations for select value chains through the Climate Hub.

Capacity Building for Business Development Services: The project will improve technical and organizational capacity of agricultural and financial services.

Market and Trade Infrastructure Development: Data exchanges and technical services will be developed to enhance government and private extension services.

Facilitating Buyer-Seller Relationships: The project will work with the private sector to increase demand for agricultural products grown with climate smart innovations

Facilitating Public-Private Partnerships: The FFPr Project will facilitate regional adoption of innovations by disseminating data, information, and resources through information portals, feedback platforms, and learning workshops. Additionally, the project will also facilitate direct exchanges for technical experts between regional countries.

Four common Durain varieties for export

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Sarah Polaski
International Program Specialist,

Ingrid Ardjosoediro
Director, Food for Progress,

Collaborating agencies, organizations, or institutions:

Winrock, International

Michigan State University

Kasetsart University (Thailand)