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Solar-powered drip irrigation and soil health in Tanzania

USDA Foreign Agricultural Service has been leading USDA’s technical assistance to the United Republic of Tanzania (URT) government and its partners to strengthen capacity to implement climate smart agriculture policies and strategies at local levels in priority Feed the Future regions throughout the country since 2017. However, productivity continues to be one of the agriculture sector’s biggest challenges in Tanzania, which is increasingly exacerbated by the impacts of climate change.

One of USDA FAS’ implementing partners, the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA), established 8 model farms in mainland Tanzania and in Zanzibar to integrate climate smart agricultural technologies, particularly irrigation drip systems, to train farmers in incorporating them into their own production systems. USDA FAS brought technical experts from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service to provide on-site consultation and assessment of these CSA model farms’ solar powered irrigation systems and soil health. The recommendations and resources shared will be disseminated back to all the model farms as well as provide guidance that can be used for nation-wide efforts.  


Project photos:

NRCS Solar Powered Irrigation Specialist, Andrew Stout (left), with farm manager (right) assessing state of the irrigation water pump filter as part of a maintenance training.

assessing state of irrigation water pump

NRCS Soil Health Specialist, Kristi Mingus examining soil for organic matter, soil composition and texture, and other characteristics that affect farm productivity.

examining soil for organic matter

Bihawana site in Dodoma, Tanzania that is dedicated to educating youth on climate smart agricultural practices.

B.	Bihawana site in Dodoma

Tomatoes harvested at the Wangama site in the Iringa region using drip irrigation systems.

Tomatoes harvested at the Wangama site

Solar Panel set at Bihawana site. Power is collected and used to conduct the water pump system

Solar Panel set at Bihawana site