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Dionisio Martínez

Dr. Dionisio Martínez is an agricultural scientist with extensive experience in academia, research, and advisory roles, holding degrees in Agricultural Engineering, a Master of Science in Crop Production, and a Doctorate in Agricultural Sciences. Dr. Martínez is an ORISE research fellow with the Midwest Climate Hub, working on data analysis and exploration of the interactions between Midwest crops and climate. In previous work, he has coordinated comparative trials for corn hybrid yield across various locations, and has authored numerous publications in international scientific journals, as well as local and national impact journals, and contributed to book chapters. He provides guidance for undergraduate and postgraduate theses, evaluates thesis manuscripts, and has been involved in agricultural trusts and companies offering diagnostic and advisory services to agricultural producers. He also has experience conducting technical training workshops and actively participates in symposia targeting producers and advisors. Dr. Martínez's research interests encompass extensive crop management, grain quality, cultivar selection, and crop production technology within cereals, oilseeds, and primary food production systems.

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  • ORISE Research Fellow



1015 N. University Blvd.
Ames, IA 50011-3611

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Focus Area

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Crops and Climate
  • Crop Management