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Agricultural Conservation Planning Framework (ACPF)

The ACFP toolbox contains tools to: 

  • Process (or “hydro-condition”) a watershed’s high-resolution topographic data for terrain analyses
  • Determine which fields within a watershed are most prone to contribute runoff to streams
  • Identify where field-scale and edge-of-field practices could be installed in your watershed, including:
    • Drainage water management
    • Surface Intake Filters or Restored Wetlands
    • Grassed Waterways
    • Contour Buffer Strips
    • Water and Sediment Control Basins
    • Nutrient Removal Wetlands
    • Edge-of-field Bioreactors
  • Map opportunities for riparian management:
    • Prioritize for runoff interception and to address bank erosion
    • Opportunities for removal of dissolved nutrients and floodplain re-connection
    • Saturated riparian buffers

User options are included in every tool to allow flexibility in matching practice-siting criteria to each local setting.

Release Notes

Now compatible with ArcGIS 10.5




Researcher, Extension, Producer, Land Manager, Other

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ACPF Version 2.2

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North Central Region Water Network