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Climate Resilience Toolkit

US Climate Resilience Toolkit LogoThe USDA Climate Hubs, in partnership with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Department of Interior (DOI), are supporting regional climate resilience through the Climate Resilience Toolkit. The Toolkit is a website that offers a portfolio of information and climate tools from across the U.S. Federal Government in one easy-to-use location. With hundreds of tools in its library, the Toolkit offers a wide range of resources ranging from digital climate tools, climate summaries, and regional case studies, to a directory of training courses and subject matter expertise. The Toolkit is designed to support decision makers such as land managers, public health officials, and emergency responders with regional adaptation and climate mitigation efforts.


Many tools to choose from, each having their own input requirements, spatial scales, and time commitments.


Vary depending on tool.



Time Investment:


Time Scale:


Tool Developers:

U.S. Government