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Climate Change Effects on Forests and Grasslands

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Climate Change Effects on Forests and Grasslands: What You Need to Know gives a brief overview of current and projected climate change effects on water resources, vegetation, wildlife, and disturbances, specifically geared towards forest and grassland ecosystems. There is a 10-question activity at the end of the module, and users who complete the activity will receive a printable certificate with their name and the date completed. The expected time commitment for this module is about 20 minutes, plus the activity and time spent exploring the many outward links and interactive features within the module will be at the user's discretion.

AgLearn Credit is available for completing all three Climate Change: What You Need to Know modules. Search in AgLearn for the course FS2100 Responding to a Changing Climate and its Effects on Forests and Grasslands. Add this course to your "To-Do List". After watching all three modules and completing each module activity, return to AgLearn and click on the "Click Here to Confirm Completion" link to certify completion. Finish the Level One Survey to gain credit.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the climate change effects on forests and grasslands education module, users should know:
  • Likely interactions of climate change effects
  • Examples of beneficial or stressful climate change effects on different ecosystems
  • Variations in observed and projected changes and intensity of changes for regions around the country
  • How changes in precipitation patterns, snow cover, and streamflows have been occurring around the country and are expected to continue changing during this century
  • Examples of phenological changes associated with an increase in growing season length
  • The basic processes of photosynthesis and carbon dioxide fertilization
  • How temperature and precipitation changes may affect vegetation and wildlife habitat ranges
  • About increased risks associated with disturbances like insects, invasives, and wildfire
The climate change effects on forests and grasslands activity will help users gain an understanding of:
  • Current and projected climate change effects on ecosystems in their region
  • Potential effects on specific tree species' habitats
  • Species distribution models

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