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Dannele E. Peck

Dr. Peck is Director of the USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub, having joined ARS in November 2016. Previously, she was an Associate Professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Wyoming, where she conducted research, extension, and teaching for 10 years. Her area of expertise is decision-making under risk and uncertainty, applied to a variety of agricultural issues, such as: drought preparedness and response in cropping systems; increasing farm/ranch resilience to weather variability and changing climate; and disease prevention and management in livestock and wildlife. Raised on a dairy farm in upstate New York, Dannele is a first-generation college graduate and proud alumna of the McNair Scholars Program.

Featured Work

Boroff, K., M. Kauffman, D. Peck, E. Maichak, B. Scurlock, B. Schumaker. 2016. Risk assessment and management of brucellosis in the southern greater Yellowstone area (II): cost-benefit analysis of elk brucellosis seroprevalence reduction. Preventive Veterinary Medicine 134:39-48.
Peck, D. and J. Peterson (Eds). 2014. Climate Variability and Water-Dependent Sectors: Impacts and Potential Adaptations. Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis.
Peck, D.E. and R.M. Adams. 2012. Farm-level impacts of climate change: alternative approaches for modeling uncertainty. In A. Dinar and R. Mendelsohn (Eds.), Handbook on Climate Change and Agriculture. Cheltenham, Gloucestershire: Edward Elgar Publishing.
Bastian, C.T., S.T. Gray, D.E. Peck, J.P. Ritten, K.M. Hansen, J.M. Krall, S.I. Paisley. 2012. The nature of climate science for the Rocky Mountain West: implications for economists trying to help agriculture adapt. Western Economics Forum 10(2):23-32.
Peck, D.E. and R.M. Adams. 2010. Farm-level impacts of prolonged drought: is a multiyear event more than the sum of its parts?  Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 54:43-60.
Adams, R.M. and D.E. Peck. 2008. Effects of climate change on water resources. Choices 23(1):12-14.

Photo of Dr. Dannele Peck, Director of the USDA NPCH


  • Director, USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub
  • Agricultural Economist


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