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Matt C. Reeves

Dr. Reeves is a Research Ecologist with the Human Dimensions Program at Rocky Mountain Research Station. He specializes in use of remote sensing and GIS to facilitate evaluation of contemporary issues facing US rangelands. His research portfolio spans 4 themes: 1) Climate Change; 2) Decision Support Tools; 3) Inventory and Monitoring; and 4) Threat Assessment. Click here to learn more about Dr. Reeves - including his research interests.

Featured Work

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Reeves, Matt; Frid, Leonardo. 2016. The Rangeland Vegetation Simulator: A User-Driven System For Quantifying Production, Succession, Disturbance And Fuels In Non-Forest Environments.

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Reeves, Matt; Ryan, Kevin C.; Rollins, Matthew G.; Thompson, Thomas G. 2009. Spatial Fuel Data Products Of The Landfire Project.

Photo of Dr. Matt Reeves, USDA NPCH Co-Lead for USDA Forest Service


  • Co-Lead, USDA NPCH
  • Research Ecologist, US Forest Service


USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub, US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station Human Dimensions Research Program


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