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Windy K. Kelley

Ms. Windy Kelley joined the USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub in April 2015 as the Regional Extension Program Coordinator, and she works for the University of Wyoming Extension. She started her service with the University of Wyoming Extension in 2012 as the rangeland educator in western Wyoming. In 2010, Windy joined the Wyoming Department of Agriculture in the Jonah and Pinedale Anticline interagency offices as the Agricultural Program Coordinator. She was born and raised in Wyoming – and gained appreciation for the state’s industries at an early age. Windy is a first generation college graduate.

Featured Work

Extension & Outreach

  • Project Lead: Learning from Your Neighbor: Climate Resiliency in Agriculture (on-going)
    • Explore this interactive story map,  where you can meet and learn from agricultural producers about innovative management strategies, which they have implemented in hopes of being more resilient to risks related to extreme weather and a changing climate.
  • Team Lead: Wyoming Conditions Monitoring Team (on-going)
    • A collaborative effort of local, state, tribal, university, and federal partners that formed in response to an emerging drought in June of 2020. The Wyoming Conditions Monitoring Team (WCMT) coordinates and submits weekly recommendations to the U.S. Drought Monitor authors for consideration. The WCMT also offers a monthly webinar (WY Conditions & Outlooks), and manages the WY Drought Information & Resources website that Governor Gordon announced on June 9, 2021.
  • Event Co-Lead: AgroClimate Outreach Exchange (2019)
    • A 2-day interactive event in Fort Collins, CO, that facilitated the exchange of innovative agroclimate outreach tools and approaches developed by NPCH Extension & Outreach partners. Explore the post-event website here.

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Publications: Peer Reviewed

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Photo of Windy Kelley, Regional Extension Coordinator of the USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub


  • Regional Extension Program Coordinator, USDA NPCH
  • Weather Variability & Agricultural Resiliency Specialist, University of Wyoming Extension


USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub, University of Wyoming Extension


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Pinedale, WY 82941

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