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Crops Topics from the Northern Plains Hub Region

  • Drought Learning Network updates

    Rangeland in drought, Colorado Plateau 2020

    At least 95% of resource managers want to hear from peers about lessons learned during drought. The Drought Learning Network (DLN) is a new consortium of climate service providers and resource…

  • No-Till: From Science to Practice

    Hands of a person feeling soil 20 minutes after a rain simulator applied 2 inches of water. Photo credit USDA NRCS

    No-till is not a new concept — in fact, it has been a management practice for several decades, but perhaps gained the most momentum since the USDA NRCS initiated their soil health campaign in 2012.…

  • Hail Know

    While you can't prevent hail, you can prepare for and respond quickly when dealing with hail damage to crops. And, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension team is here to help you make…

  • Focus on Croplands in the Northern Plains

    The Northern Plains region (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska) has only 9% of the farms in the US, but 25% of the total US cropland. Included in this cropland is 26…