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Demonstrations from the Northwest Hub Region

  • The Native American Rangeland Training Initiative

    Native American Rangelands Partnership

    Tribal members of the Society for Range Management’s Native American Rangeland Advisory Committee, and many other Tribal representatives recommend that culturally relevant training and capacity…

  • Ridgeway Farms, Alaska Case Study

    High tunnels, like this one, are used at Ridgeway Farms and are common in parts of Alaska

    Ridgeway Farms is an original homestead family farm that is part of the Kenai Peninsula farming community. Abby Ala and four generations of her family have been working the land since 1948 and are…

  • Bushes Bunches Produce Stand, Alaska Case Study

    Bushes Bunches Produce Stand has been growing its rhubarb since the 1950s

    Bushes Bunches has developed a long list of adaptation approaches and adoption strategies to address short and long-term climate impacts to their operation. Case study details are provided here.