Holly R. Prendeville

Holly Prendeville

As Coordinator Dr. Holly R. Prendeville is responsible for developing and maintaining stakeholder relationships, communicating use and availability of climate change tools, coordinating grants and agreements, as well as developing and implementing strategies for producing priority outcomes for the Hub. As a Forest Service Research Geneticist, Holly collaborated with other scientists to investigate the efficacy of seed zones developed for bluebunch wheatgrass in the Intermountain West. This work provides guidelines to facilitate restoration using locally adapted material that will be resilient in the face of climate change. As a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Virginia, Holly investigated how plant reproductive phenology varies among populations across a latitudinal gradient in the eastern US. Holly obtained a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Ecology, Evolution and Behavior studying the ecological risks of virus-resistant transgenic squash by examining the effects of virus and the virus-resistant transgene in wild squash.


USDA Northwest Climate Hub Coordinator
USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station
Edith Green - Wendell Wyatt Federal Building
1220 SW 3rd Avenue, Suite 1400
Portland, Oregon 97204
Phone Number
o 503-808-2127 c 503-560-3936
USDA Northwest Climate Hub
USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station
Focus Area
Restoration using native plant materials
Plant evolutionary ecology