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Future Crop Suitability Tool

The Future Crop Suitability tool provides mapped and graphical summaries of the climatic suitability for cultivating selected tree/shrub specialty crops across the west. The tool allows users to explore aspects of future crop requirements and limitations for development. It provides information on how often climatic conditions are suitable for crop success and what the limiting factors for success may be. The tool provides this information for two future time periods and two future climate scenarios using the average output across 20 global climate models. The mapping and graphical interface, along with extensive documentation, allows users to explore the intersection of climate and perennial agriculture and may aid in agricultural management decisions, such as site or cultivar selection.


Location, crop, time period, emission scenario, and analysis type (e.g. suitability, phenology, irrigation)


Maps illustrating: regional suitability, phenology timing, and irrigation demand for selected crops/locations/emission scenario

Restrictions and Limitations

Chrome web browser is recommended





Time Investment:


Spatial Scale:


Time Scale:


Tool Developers:

Katherine Hegewisch, Lauren Parker, John Abatzoglou