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Pacific Northwest Biochar Atlas

A growing body of evidence suggests that biochars can provide “win-win-win” solutions to sustain rural livelihoods, preserve natural ecosystems, and adapt to climate variability. Our objective is to share a range of tools, reports, and evaluations of biochars’ abilities to provide these benefits.

The purpose of this Atlas is to:

  1. Provide guidance to farmers, gardeners, and other end-users on the potential benefits of biochars, including decision support tools to select biochar types and amendment rates.
  2. Support biochar producers, by sharing state-of-the-science and state-of the-industry evaluations for the PNW region.
  3. Share case studies from early adopters.


Informational resources, biochar selection to suit your goals along with amendment rates.


Researcher, Extension, Producer, Land Manager

Time Investment:


Spatial Scale:


Time Scale:


Tool Developers:

Claire L. Phillips & Kristin M. Trippe, USDA Agricultural Research Service, in Corvallis, Oregon. Additional support provided by Sarah Light, the University of California and Adam Lindsley, the Department of Crop and Soil Science Oregon State University