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Seedlot Selection Tool

To assist foresters and natural resource managers in determining which seedlots (seed or seedling sources) match the current and future climate of the planting site.  


Select a location for reforestation or location from which seedlots are sourced. Then select a Region, you can select the geographic region closest to your site or choose from a list of available regions. Select climate scenarios (historical, current, or future climates for your seedlots of planting sites). Select transfer limit method: enter your own custom limit or use an existing zone to calculate a transfer limit. Select climate variables that are important to the plant species to match your seedlot and planting site.


A map of the climatic variable you choose within the region you selected noting the appropriate area from which you can source seedlots or where you can plant a seedlot.
Restrictions and Limitations
The Seedlot Selection Tool provides suggestions on where to source plant material or where to plant seedlots based solely on climatic information. This information should be weighted with reforestation expertise and experience, soil information, and ecological knowledge.




Researcher, Extension, Land Manager

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Tool Developers:

Conservation Biology Institute, USDA Pacific Northwest Research Station, Oregon State University